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Training In Human Resources Management For Business Improvement

What problems have been encountered in the development of Human Resources activity?

The success of any organization depends on a series of factors, mostly related to Human Resources activity.

Precisely this area faces great challenges today due to the changes that have been taking place in the world in all aspects, and its immediate impact on economic and social processes. For more information you can get in

This entails the need to acquire new skills in how to manage Human Resources in times of uncertainty and instability.

Our country does not escape these changes that have a direct impact on the Human Resources Management model, a more delicate and complex component of management and that frequently faces major obstacles and resistance to change.

At present we are immersed in the Business Improvement, which aims to obtain efficiency, effectiveness, and effectiveness through a process of continuous improvement in the management of the socialist state enterprise, and although we consider that its bases are closer to more management Modern and evidence they need to increase competencies in the area of Human Resources Management, the most contemporary approach has not yet been considered.

In fact, the work presents a set of regularities that characterize this activity, which is the result of our experience for more than 10 years, in research and consulting carried out as well as in the formation of our cadres, confirming that our companies maintain a character administrative and personnel and not a Human Resources Management approach.

This is based on the need for a managerial training process with a more advanced management orientation in this field, based on a redesign of its competency profile that allows to rethink its mission and redefine many of its functions in the new circumstances, where its resources Humans play a leading role.

At the beginning of the Third Millennium, Humanity has discovered – marveling – that organizations are made up of people and that the main source of value creation is given in the knowledge that emerges as the result of human interaction: Knowledge is a social fact.

What problems have been encountered in the development of Human Resources activity?

General features

  • There is no link between the Organization’s strategy and the Human Resources Strategy
  • Lack of Human Resources Policies in the company
  • Human Resource Management does not exist as a system.
  • The Human Resources activity is underestimated, being seen as an administrative function, with a reactive nature.
  • Lack of vision on the strategic role of Human Resources managers.
  • Low level of the holders of the position that affects the activity.
  • The regulations in force do not correspond to the current changes, there is a bureaucratization of labor legislation.
  • The functions of the human resources area are not properly defined and functions outside the activity are assigned
  • Human resources activity is considered unattractive and not prioritized area.
  • Human Resources functions are assumed only as an activity of the Human Resources area.
Training in Human Resource

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