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November 2020, a Time to Reflect

Trinity 3 Place wishes to welcome all customers, staff, partners and the general public to November 2020.


Trinity 3 Place wishes to welcome all customers, staff, partners and the general public to November 2020. This month serves as a strategic time to be thankful as we approach the end of another somewhat difficult year In view of the staggering number of deaths from the pandemic, it is quite clear that no one can be fully sure of what lies ahead, thus it is imperative that we value every moment and opportunity that comes our way.

Invest Right during Covid-19 and beyond


The corona virus pandemic has had serious effects globally, plunging many economies into recession and leaving certain sectors in such as manufacturing in high demand. It is quite clear that a deficit in supply of essentials such as food, water etc. means that much is invested into production.

Whether you are an investor, a business person or an individual who wishes to grow his or her money through environment-friendly means, Trinity 3 Place is here to make it happen.
Investing into manufacturing does not only generate money but it provides many other benefits such as providing jobs for the youth and thereby supporting community development; it also helps to increase the Ghana’s GDP through exports.

There are many areas of interest you may choose from when it comes to manufacturing, and Trinity 3 Place, with a wide range of experiences working on different projects, has the expertise to cover the entire process resulting in a success story.

Key Areas of HR Management in Manufacturing

Staff Recruitment
  1. Planning 
  2. Preparing Budgets
  3. Doing Research
  4. Getting Certifications
  5. Installations
  6. Recruitment
  7. Setting up Operational Policies
  8. Implementation
  9. Monitoring
  10. Reporting

Industrial Ghana

Ghana in recent years has attracted a lot of investors from different countries of the world. An example is the very recent establishment of auto assembling plants being set-up by companies such as VW and Toyota. Nissan is also set to set-up an assembly plant provided that Ghana would sign into effect its auto policy.

These are great times to invest into industry and manufacturing as the government also embarks on its planting for food and jobs. Trinity 3 Place is the best consultant to engage in any of these opportunities.

Digitisation in Business

 Wide spread Lockdowns across the world in the year 2020 has taught both the young and old that it is time to seriously look at new ways of getting things done. With many employees in Ghana working from home, and thousands or millions across the globe staying at home, it is clear that businesses, companies and organisations have to rely on online communications and cloud services. 

For years, many institutions have relied on hard copy documents; investing high capital into printers and other hardware. However that is no longer necessary, with the inception of virtual learning and working environments. All you need is to have the soft copies of all your official documents, and you can work anywhere in the world without being physically present.

Convert and Store your Files now

The challenge however is in converting the hard copies into soft copies; and to do it in a very professional manner which results in searchable and well-stored documents. 

Trinity 3 Place with years of experience in digitisation offers you this highly sought service at unbeatable rates which will leave you smiling. Call us today for any of the above mentioned services.

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