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About Us

Company Profile

We have had a subsidiary company in Malabo, Equitorial Guinea in Central Africa and have worked with major oil exploration and Service companies where we do Internet for commercial service, Network Installations,  Installation and maintenance of  mechanical and electrical equipment, General Logistics support and field Service.

We ensure that all our candidates are pre-screened and background checked so we can introduce the best suited for the position.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service
  • Love towards all

Our Vision

To be the number 1 talent and off-supply projects solutions provider.


To enable clients to execute their projects timely and safely in emerging markets.

To provide high quality services to all our clients and in doing so we always put the interest of our clients first by ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction in everything we do.

We also strive to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders by being one of the most cost effective and profitable service companies in the oil and gas industry. This we believe is the essence of excellence.


Trinity 3 Place Ghana Accra and Takoradi - best Human resource consultants

Our logo and motto says it all, Trinity means 3 in 1, that is teamwork towards a common goal. Our clients’ goals and satisfaction is our promise.

We are 10 years old and pride ourselves on the fact that we are a ‘Consultancy’ and not just another Labour Agency.

Our Pledge

  • We will merge innovation and best practise to please our clients.
  • We will tailor solutions to each client and project.
  • We will solve problems with client culture and success in mind.